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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Organic and Natural Deals!

Hoovers GroceryNatures gate shampoo & condition $5.25

Cold calm tablets $7.99 was $11.39

Antiviral formula $9.99 was $16.15 (60) $19.99 was $28.75 (120)

Kingbio influenza multistrain med $9.99 was $18.99

Toms mtn sprg deodorant $5.49 was $6.65

Alba unscented aloe deodorant $4.99 was $6.29

Late July chips $1.99

Popchips $1.99

Deboles spaghetti style $1.99

Garden of eatin blu corn chips $2.49 9 oz

Fresh MarketPopchips 2/$5
Honest teas 10/$10 64oz 2/6
Horizon mozzarella string chz 2/$6
Organic butter $4.49 everyday
Izze pop 5/$5 4 pks 2/$8
Zico coconut water bogo $2.99
Tfm org tortilla chips 2/$5 16oz
Dagoba baking choc bars $4.99
Marys gone crackers 2/$7
Amys canned soups 2/$5
Pacific org chic broth 2/$6 32oz 4pk $3.99
Garden of eatin sweet potato corn tortilla chips 2/$6

Big lotsGrapeseed oil 17oz $3.50
Rice dream vanilla 32oz $2
Westsoy lite vanilla 32oz $2
Organic imagine soup harvest corn 32oz $1.50. 16oz $1.25 16oz: chix broth, creamy broccoli, creamy tomato
Nature valley 10ct peanut butter granola thins $2 & 5oz granola nut clusters $2
All natural granola Delites 10oz wild berry flax, super nutty, cranberry acai, french vanilla almond $1.80
Boulder canyon jalapeƱo cheddar 5oz chips $1.70, balsamic vinegar & rosemary, totally natural,
Bobs red mill grains flours & mixes $2.45 - 5.50!
Muellers all natural whole wheat pasta $1
Arm & hammer essentials 150 oz detergent $7 50oz $3.50
Palmolive pure and caring dish detergent 25oz $2
Raid earth options grass&weef killer, insecticidal soap & house & garden insect killer 24oz $3
George foreman green and clean products 24oz $1.20

Monday, October 10, 2011

Are you Plum Crazy?!

I am!  I love plums, particularly the European plums.  European plums are the most common, they have a purple color and are small.  October is the last month for these sweet juicy treats so take advantage of them.  Check out Frugal For Life's seasonal food chart for more fruits and vegies going out of season this month

The plum is filled with vitamin C, ribovlavin, B vitamins and potassium.  Plums only have 36 calories - hallelujah!  A sweet treat that is healthy and doesn't pack on the pounds!  Make sure you select plums that are slightly soft to the touch and bright in color.  Avoid the bruised, discolored and seeping ones.  Be picky because after plums are picked, they don't ripen like most fruits.

There are numerous other types of plums available: American (usually local), Damson (smaller, more tart and popular in making jams and preserves), Japanese (dark red and NEVER dried), Ornamental (popular for jelly and jams).

Personally, I love to chow down a couple as a snack.  I love the mix of the sweet pulp and tart skin.  I find that plums make a great addition to school and work lunches.  They are small enough to grab and eat at the desk and for little ones during lunchtime.  Although they are very juicy, they aren't messy.
Most grocery stores have great deals on plums.  Its the last month of availability to have them fresh and in season so producers are wanting to sell off as much as possible.  Organic plums are hard to find but are necessary because you are eating the skin.  Plums do not fall on the Environmental Working Group's factsheet under "the dirty dozen" nor "the clean 15"  But Hubpages lists plums as #18 on the EWG's worst highest pesticide load  Therefore, I would opt for organic to be safe.

Current prices on Organic Plums:  Whole Foods - 2.49 per lb; Trader Joes - 69 cents each; Hoover's Market - 3.99 per lb; Earth Fare - 2.99 per lb; Chamberlain's - they have them, but none at the moment are in stock.

Thanks Reader's Digest "Foods That Harm Foods That Heal" for the varieties and nutrient information about plums.  This is an awesome book and has great information for everyone seeking information about healing foods and foods to avoid.  And I found it on as low as 2.79 brand new with 3.99 shipping!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Can You Spare a Spear? Of Broccoli That Is.

It's good to be back!  I had to take a leave of absence to learn what blogging was really about.  A good friend of mine asked "Do you know what a blog is?"  I answered, "Yes, to write about something."  He told me, "No, it's you wrtiting about your life."  Wow.  Here I am ready to take the cyber world by storm and I was going about it the wrong way.  Forgive me, fellow bloggers and cyber world inhabitants, I did not do my due diligence.  Well, I prayed, I studied and I learned about blogging.  And now I'm ready to share my own experience with the organic and natural way of living.  First task - seasonal foods.

Eating foods that are seasonal can benefit everyone.  I know it saves me money because there is more product available.  And there are more nutrients because the product doesn't have to travel so far when it is in season.  I also heard that local seasonal foods are even better - I haven't gotten that far in the learning process, but when I do, I will definitely give my insight!  According to the seasonal food chart on Frugal for Life, October is the last month to enjoy Broccoli before it goes out of season.

Broccoli is considered a Super Food and is well known for it's cancer figthing properties.  My grandmother died of breast cancer when I was 10 and Mama Bear, a woman who was like a mother to me, to breast cancer when I was 22.  I owe it to them as well as everyone that has lost a battle with cancer and to those who have won the battle and survived to make better food choices and live a healthier lifestyle.  According to Dr. T. Murray from the Dr. Oz site, broccoli has numerous compounds that are helpful in fighting cancer - in particularly breast cancer.  Another great tip - Broccoli does not have to be purchased organic.  It falls on The Daily Green's foods that don't have to be eaten organic list:  I know what you're thinking - "What?!  The Organics Sense site is promoting not eating something organic?"  Remember, the goal is to make sensible choices and live an AFFORDABLE healthy lifestyle.  If God has blessed us with a food that is not easily contaminated, why not enjoy it!  Why pay more for something you don't have to.  Just a thought...

October is a month of great holidays, also.  Today is World Smile Day. According to  Associated Content's article -  this holiday is celebrated by doing something to make another person smile.  Hmmmm, what can I do? I will inform at least 10 women today about the anti-cancer properties of broccoli.  First woman, my mom.  I am going to call her today and thank her for telling me how good raw broccoli is on salads.  I had never tried it until she told me about it. I'm sure that compliment will bring a smile to her face!  For once I'll be praising her food choice instead of telling her what not to eat! 

Please, feel free to post what you plan to do or have already done to celebrate World Smile Day!  And, start incorporating broccoli into your meals.  We have 28 more days (including today) to enjoy this Super Food while it is in season!