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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Great Organic Deals!

Blissmo has a great deal on organic baking mixes -

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Great Organic Deals!

Blissmo sent me a great deal on Numi Tea Numi Tea has organic teas that taste great.  They often have great coupons, too.  I am signing up for the newsletter ( and will definitely let you know when great offers are sent to me.

Moms By Heart has a great deal for Burt's Bees gift sets.  It is a combination with Vitacost's free $10 when you sign up with them

Free subscription to Martha Stewart Living!  I got mine - thanks!

Healthy Life Deals has a link to $1 off 2 Naked Juice drinks at Publix

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tea time anyone?

Blissmo sent me a great deal on Numi Tea Numi Tea has organic teas that taste great.  They often have great coupons, too.  I am signing up for the newsletter ( and will definitely let you know when great offers are sent to me. 

Tea is a great addition to better health.  Numi offers a ton of flavors for a wide variety of palettes - can I say that with drinks?  Or is palate just for food?  Who knows - it sounds good!  We all know that green, black and white teas are great for our immune system and for protecting our temples from that terrible six letter word (cancer).  Numi has a few that are great to try, also.  Please let me know if you try them - or if you've tried another one so I can add to my drink menu.

The Moroccan Mint is awesome.  Mint is great for stomach aches and soothing the digestive system.  It is also a great breath freshener.  The Chamomile Lemon tastes great, too.  Chamomile is known for relaxing the body and reducing stress.  Add the lemon, and you have the benefits of cleansing your kidney by reducing the calcium build up - one of the reasons for kidney stones.  Please visit for additional benefits and to get great information about herbs and food. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Great Organic Deals!

I belong to sooooo many blogs that send out great deals and freebies.  Hats off to the dedicated deal finders!  I thought I'd put together a few links to sites that post these great deals.  I have saved a great deal of money and grabbed some great freebies.  Please go to these sites and sign up for the deals.  We have to support each other, my fellow bloggers.  I focus on the organic and natural deals only.  There are many savings options for everyone on these sites.  Who said living a natural and organic life is expensive?!

Starbucks at Target via Organic Deals from My Frugal Adventure:

Moms By Heart has a link to to get a coupon from Muir Glen:

Cha Ching on a Shoestring has a great Stoneyfield yogurt coupon for Landis supermarkets:

Common Sense with Money has Whole Living magazine for $3.50/yr!  I love this magazine:

For the Mommas has Natural Health magazine for $2.99/yr!  I haven't subscribed - but I've heard great things about it.: has 10% off all Nature's Plus products until 12/6.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm a French Fry Fiend!

As I venture down this road to eating right for the rest of my life, I struggle with leaving all of my unhealthy relationships behind - with food, that is.  And one relationship that has me in bondage is the one I have with French Fries.  I've tried prayer, fasting and simply avoiding anywhere that has french fries as an option on the menu!  Lo and Behold, Alexia Foods to the rescue!   And to top it off, they are offering a $1 coupon for liking them on facebook -, and another $1 coupon via email if you sign up for updates at

French fries can be enjoyed if you sprinkle a little seasoning on them and bake them instead of deep frying them.  Great substitute, but it is no way comparable to those crunchy, deep fried big brothers of the baked ones.  I'm sure my fellow french fry fiends agree!  If anyone has a great recipe for achieving that same, mouth watering crunchiness when you bake fresh cut french fries, please share!  Until I find that right recipe, Alexia foods has a great line of fries - crinkle cut, sweet potato and waffle style to name a few options.  I love them.  Email me (, tweet me (@organicssense) or go to my facebook page (organicssense) and tell me how you like Alexia.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Vitamins! Vitamins!

Vitamins are so important to our lives.  Due to all of the damage we have done to the good Earth, our food is not as nutrient rich as in our grandparents era.  For the Mommas has a great coupon deal for us!  Update!!!  She Saved blessed us with a great $5 off $5 at GNC!!!!

Grab $10 off $10 at Vitacoast -

Hot $5 off $5 at GNC - thanks She Saved!!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Organic and Natural Deals!

Hoovers GroceryNatures gate shampoo & condition $5.25

Cold calm tablets $7.99 was $11.39

Antiviral formula $9.99 was $16.15 (60) $19.99 was $28.75 (120)

Kingbio influenza multistrain med $9.99 was $18.99

Toms mtn sprg deodorant $5.49 was $6.65

Alba unscented aloe deodorant $4.99 was $6.29

Late July chips $1.99

Popchips $1.99

Deboles spaghetti style $1.99

Garden of eatin blu corn chips $2.49 9 oz

Fresh MarketPopchips 2/$5
Honest teas 10/$10 64oz 2/6
Horizon mozzarella string chz 2/$6
Organic butter $4.49 everyday
Izze pop 5/$5 4 pks 2/$8
Zico coconut water bogo $2.99
Tfm org tortilla chips 2/$5 16oz
Dagoba baking choc bars $4.99
Marys gone crackers 2/$7
Amys canned soups 2/$5
Pacific org chic broth 2/$6 32oz 4pk $3.99
Garden of eatin sweet potato corn tortilla chips 2/$6

Big lotsGrapeseed oil 17oz $3.50
Rice dream vanilla 32oz $2
Westsoy lite vanilla 32oz $2
Organic imagine soup harvest corn 32oz $1.50. 16oz $1.25 16oz: chix broth, creamy broccoli, creamy tomato
Nature valley 10ct peanut butter granola thins $2 & 5oz granola nut clusters $2
All natural granola Delites 10oz wild berry flax, super nutty, cranberry acai, french vanilla almond $1.80
Boulder canyon jalapeƱo cheddar 5oz chips $1.70, balsamic vinegar & rosemary, totally natural,
Bobs red mill grains flours & mixes $2.45 - 5.50!
Muellers all natural whole wheat pasta $1
Arm & hammer essentials 150 oz detergent $7 50oz $3.50
Palmolive pure and caring dish detergent 25oz $2
Raid earth options grass&weef killer, insecticidal soap & house & garden insect killer 24oz $3
George foreman green and clean products 24oz $1.20

Monday, October 10, 2011

Are you Plum Crazy?!

I am!  I love plums, particularly the European plums.  European plums are the most common, they have a purple color and are small.  October is the last month for these sweet juicy treats so take advantage of them.  Check out Frugal For Life's seasonal food chart for more fruits and vegies going out of season this month

The plum is filled with vitamin C, ribovlavin, B vitamins and potassium.  Plums only have 36 calories - hallelujah!  A sweet treat that is healthy and doesn't pack on the pounds!  Make sure you select plums that are slightly soft to the touch and bright in color.  Avoid the bruised, discolored and seeping ones.  Be picky because after plums are picked, they don't ripen like most fruits.

There are numerous other types of plums available: American (usually local), Damson (smaller, more tart and popular in making jams and preserves), Japanese (dark red and NEVER dried), Ornamental (popular for jelly and jams).

Personally, I love to chow down a couple as a snack.  I love the mix of the sweet pulp and tart skin.  I find that plums make a great addition to school and work lunches.  They are small enough to grab and eat at the desk and for little ones during lunchtime.  Although they are very juicy, they aren't messy.
Most grocery stores have great deals on plums.  Its the last month of availability to have them fresh and in season so producers are wanting to sell off as much as possible.  Organic plums are hard to find but are necessary because you are eating the skin.  Plums do not fall on the Environmental Working Group's factsheet under "the dirty dozen" nor "the clean 15"  But Hubpages lists plums as #18 on the EWG's worst highest pesticide load  Therefore, I would opt for organic to be safe.

Current prices on Organic Plums:  Whole Foods - 2.49 per lb; Trader Joes - 69 cents each; Hoover's Market - 3.99 per lb; Earth Fare - 2.99 per lb; Chamberlain's - they have them, but none at the moment are in stock.

Thanks Reader's Digest "Foods That Harm Foods That Heal" for the varieties and nutrient information about plums.  This is an awesome book and has great information for everyone seeking information about healing foods and foods to avoid.  And I found it on as low as 2.79 brand new with 3.99 shipping!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Can You Spare a Spear? Of Broccoli That Is.

It's good to be back!  I had to take a leave of absence to learn what blogging was really about.  A good friend of mine asked "Do you know what a blog is?"  I answered, "Yes, to write about something."  He told me, "No, it's you wrtiting about your life."  Wow.  Here I am ready to take the cyber world by storm and I was going about it the wrong way.  Forgive me, fellow bloggers and cyber world inhabitants, I did not do my due diligence.  Well, I prayed, I studied and I learned about blogging.  And now I'm ready to share my own experience with the organic and natural way of living.  First task - seasonal foods.

Eating foods that are seasonal can benefit everyone.  I know it saves me money because there is more product available.  And there are more nutrients because the product doesn't have to travel so far when it is in season.  I also heard that local seasonal foods are even better - I haven't gotten that far in the learning process, but when I do, I will definitely give my insight!  According to the seasonal food chart on Frugal for Life, October is the last month to enjoy Broccoli before it goes out of season.

Broccoli is considered a Super Food and is well known for it's cancer figthing properties.  My grandmother died of breast cancer when I was 10 and Mama Bear, a woman who was like a mother to me, to breast cancer when I was 22.  I owe it to them as well as everyone that has lost a battle with cancer and to those who have won the battle and survived to make better food choices and live a healthier lifestyle.  According to Dr. T. Murray from the Dr. Oz site, broccoli has numerous compounds that are helpful in fighting cancer - in particularly breast cancer.  Another great tip - Broccoli does not have to be purchased organic.  It falls on The Daily Green's foods that don't have to be eaten organic list:  I know what you're thinking - "What?!  The Organics Sense site is promoting not eating something organic?"  Remember, the goal is to make sensible choices and live an AFFORDABLE healthy lifestyle.  If God has blessed us with a food that is not easily contaminated, why not enjoy it!  Why pay more for something you don't have to.  Just a thought...

October is a month of great holidays, also.  Today is World Smile Day. According to  Associated Content's article -  this holiday is celebrated by doing something to make another person smile.  Hmmmm, what can I do? I will inform at least 10 women today about the anti-cancer properties of broccoli.  First woman, my mom.  I am going to call her today and thank her for telling me how good raw broccoli is on salads.  I had never tried it until she told me about it. I'm sure that compliment will bring a smile to her face!  For once I'll be praising her food choice instead of telling her what not to eat! 

Please, feel free to post what you plan to do or have already done to celebrate World Smile Day!  And, start incorporating broccoli into your meals.  We have 28 more days (including today) to enjoy this Super Food while it is in season!

Monday, July 18, 2011

That Marvelous Maple Syrup

When I decided to give up high fructose corn syrup, my first thought was, "what will I put on my pancakes!?"  In case you didn't know, most commercial syrups are loaded down with high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup.  The Thrifty Mama has a great article on tips to get HFCS out of your diet  The dangers and damage to your system is not worth dealing with it.  Again I ask, "what will I put on my pancakes!?"

I found a great substitute while eating at Cracker Barrel.  100% maple syrup!  Of course, you have to be wary of many commercial brands that claim to be pure maple syrup when actually it is junk flavored with pure maple syrup.  Whole Foods has a delicious organic maple syrup that comes in a jug for $18.99.  I know, a bit expensive, but it lasts a long time.  I purchase the Grade B maple syrup; Grade A is also available.  But the benefits of maple syrup is worth the additional expense.  In April of this year, the LA Times wrote an article discussing the many antioxidant properties found in maple syrup  The Worlds Healthiest Food posted an article discussing the benefits of manganese and zinc which are nutrients in maple syrup

I use maple syrup on pancakes, in smoothies, in oatmeal and in iced tea.  I have to remind myself to only use a small amount.  Maple syrup is very sweet and a little bit goes a long way!  I suggest buying a small bottle to start off with to see if you like the taste.  I loved it the first time I tried it!  Trader Joes has organic maple syrup for $5.49.  Try it out!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dangers of Lip Gloss

Hey!  I took a one week sabbatical to get organized and revived.  In a few weeks, hopefully I will have this site up to par and looking great.  I have a new respect for fellow bloggers.  Making a living as a blogger is not easy and takes a lot of research, education and time.  That is why I give kudos to all of the blogs that encourage those interested in blogging to find something you are passionate about.  I am very passionate about organic and green living as you will realize as this blog blooms!

Found an interesting article that spoke about lip gloss and the dangers in a common material.  Petrolatum.  The Daily Health Web posted a Dr. Oz article talking about the dangers of certain ingredients in beauty products  Petroleum jelly is derived from drilling - meaning, if you put it on your lips and happen to lick it off (as I do often!) it is just like licking gasoline!  This blew me away.  For years I wore lip gloss and plenty of it.  Today I keep lip balm in my purse that is petrolatum free.  I love Burt's Bees lip balms.  If you subscribe to All You magazine, there is a $1 Burt's Bees coupon on page 28 (thanks!)  I found a great deal from Organics Deals and Coupons (  Eos lip balms are on sale for 2 for $6 at Walgreens.  You get $4 back in register rewards meaning you get the two eos lip balms for only $2 - $1 each!  I'm going to head over and grab a couple.  I will give an update on how I like them.  Feel free to email me/comment on your impression, also!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Benefits of Tomato Soup

I love soup, especially when I am not feeling good.  And in the winter months, nothing beats a bowl of hot soup.  Everyone knows the benefits and many old wives tales about chicken noodle soup.  Today I'd like us to try tomato soup the next time we are feeling a little under the weather and/or as an option for those great soup and salad combos.

Living Strong published an article about the benefits of tomato soup  Tomatoes have so many beneficial nutrients and lowers the risk of certain cancers.  I choose to eat tomatoes in the organic form because I also eat the skin.  Also, a great way to get a healthy dose of tomatoes is to eat sauces and soups.  Pacific Natural Foods has a great creamy tomato and roasted red pepper and tomato soup.  I recently contacted them via their website because I could not print the coupons from my laptop - Windows 7 is not compatible with most coupon activators.  Yesterday I received two $1 coupons, a recipe booklet and nutritional information flyer from Pacific Natural Foods.  There are coupons available to print from Pacific Natural Foods website if your computer system is compatible

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Aloe Vera Juice Is Great For the Immune System

I know, the thought of drinking a plant mostly used to treat burns can be unappetizing.  But the benefits are outstanding.  According to an article I just read on Nutrition, Health and Fitness Resource Center gives numerous reasons to consider this in our daily diet.

Personally, I have been drinking Aloe Vera juice for years.  I usually take a shot (yes, literally a shot - I drink it out of a shot glass) of it before I go to bed so it can work its way through my system while I sleep.  After about one month, I started waking up with a flat belly and my skin improved also.  Needless to say, I have been very regular.  The taste is not the greatest and I've acquired over the years.  But if you add a few drops of apple or any other juice not from concentrate, the taste is more bearable.  Be careful not to drink too much, aloe vera has powerful properties! 

I purchase Lakewood Aloe Vera juice.  Lakewood offers great $1 off coupons via the mail.  Go to the website via and fill out the form.  In the comments, request coupons.  I received about 10 coupons for $1 off within two weeks.  Also, check the juice aisles; Lakewood often places $1 off coupons on the necks of their juices.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

This morning while I was selecting coupons on Mambo Sprouts, I realized there are only a few days left for National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month.  Per the article June is the dedicated month.  I have to admit, it took me about a year to get "excited" about eating fresh fruit and vegetables when I made the decision in 1998 to eat healthy and exercise more.  After 13 years of earnestly trying to eat right, I now look forward to my morning fresh fruit smoothie and fresh cut vegetables with each meal.  Fruits satisfy the sweet tooth and provide energy boosts due to the natural sugars they possess  Vegetables provide nutrients that protect our skin and fiber to allow our bodies to flush out toxins

Today, let's start our healthy journey by dedicating the last few days of June making an honest effort to eat more fruits and vegetables.  According to's article there are 12 foods suggested you buy organically due to the high pesticide/contamination content and 15 that are safe to by conventional.  Remember, always try to buy local if possible.  Less travel time means more nutrients and local farmers deserve support.

Eat Organic!
Celery, spinach, sweet bell peppers, potatoes, lettuce and greens, apples, strawberries, peaches, domestic nectarines, imported grapes and domestic blueberries

Okay to eat Conventional.
onions, sweet corn, asparagus, sweet peas, eggplant, cabbage, sweet potatoes and mushrooms, pineapples, avocados, mangoes, domestic cantaloupe, kiwi, watermelon and grapefruit

On sale this week!
Aldis currently has cantaloupe on sale for 99 cents each.
Save A Lot has seedless watermelon for $3.49 each.
Target has sweet corn 5 for $1
Whole Foods has organic raspberries for $3.99 6oz and organic grapes for $2.99 lb

Monday, June 27, 2011

Blueberries and Belly Fat

Who knew that a food so sweet and delicious could be just as beneficial to our bodies.  According to articles and blueberries can help reduce belly fat.  Wow.  Could it be that easy? Eat blueberries and lose belly fat?!  Of course not.  Yes, we still must exercise.  Yes, we still must drink our water.  Yes, we still must eat only one chocolate bar a day - lol!!!  Of course I'm kidding about the chocolate bar, but we must realize that exercise and watching what we eat work hand in hand.  But wouldn't it be sweet if eating blueberries was the magic potion to get rid of our belly fat?

Berries are on the "must eat organic" list by Wellness Resources .  Cascadian Farms has a coupon for joining their community You will receive a coupon for $1 off one of their products.  I have found numerous coupons via online coupon sites that also offer $1 off.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Yogurt trims the waistline!

I read an interesting article this morning while deep conditioning my hair -

The article talks about how small changes in the diet can have an effect on weight loss.  The article mentions that most people focus on cutting back on calories and exercising more.  But if you watch what you eat and switch out certain food items for healthier foods that actually have nutrients, weight loss and maintenance can be achieved.  The article mentioned that yogurt helps trim the waistline; being that it does not have fiber, the effect on the intestines must be the reason why the waist is affected.  My yogurt treat is adding carob chips, granola or a few drops of grade B maple syrup.  I don't eat chocolate which is why I use the carob chips.  But I'm sure dark chocolate chips would have the same effect.

Stonyfield Farm - - has a great line of organic yogurts.  Whole Foods has $1 off the Oikos Greek yogurt in certain sizes and $0.75 off the 32 oz pint of yogurt.  The great thing about Stonyfield Farm is you can get rewards by entering codes from the lids.  Currently, Stonyfield Farm has coupons for an additional amount off Oikos Greek and the regular yogurt.  You can use the Whole Foods coupon and the Stonyfield Farm coupon together resulting in great savings! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Whole Living Daily - great blog for newbies!

I am currently a follower of Whole Living Daily.  This blog is great for organic newbies.  Whole Living Daily offers a daily challenge to introduce consumers to a greener, more natural and organic way of life.  Today's challenge involves eating low pesticide produce.  Great advice for all of us, especially children.  The following link
provides great information about prenatal exposure to certain pesticides and how those pesticides may negatively impact cognitive development in children. 

Whole Living Daily has introduced me to new ways to live a greener life and I have been actively living a more natural, green life since 2000.  I realize that you can never stop learning and educating yourself on any subject.  I assure you, Whole Living Daily will inspire, educate and entertain you with information and insight to a greener, more natural and more organic you!

I received two free issues last year and fell in love with the magazine.  My plan was to order the magazine when I received enough RecycleBank points - life happened and I didn't get around to putting in the order.  All that said, today I ordered Whole Living using my RecycleBank points.  I only used 115 points to receive a one year subscription.  I will post updates on Whole Living as I receive each issue. 

Check out Whole Living Daily at  Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


After spending the weekend with my godchildren and encouraging them to always try and do their best, I had a long look in the mirror.  I asked myself, why am I not following the advice that I am giving?!  With additional encouragement from a fellow blogger, Tammy Goodson creator and author of Curly Chic, I decided that I am going to start today.  I have my accountability partner (one of my besties from California) signed up to make sure I stay on track. 

Organics Sense is dedicated to healthy eating for everyone.  It is a myth that healthy eating is not affordable.  Agreed, there are items that are ridiculously expensive if purchased as an organic product but there are just as many stores and websites that will provide a means to an end: coupons, sales, soon to be outdated, and free samples.  Although Organics Sense may not know EVERY discount in the U. S. of A., Organics Sense will try to make as many as possible available.  And with the help of you, the audience, healthy eating and exercise will be two important tasks on everyones to do list!