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Monday, June 27, 2011

Blueberries and Belly Fat

Who knew that a food so sweet and delicious could be just as beneficial to our bodies.  According to articles and blueberries can help reduce belly fat.  Wow.  Could it be that easy? Eat blueberries and lose belly fat?!  Of course not.  Yes, we still must exercise.  Yes, we still must drink our water.  Yes, we still must eat only one chocolate bar a day - lol!!!  Of course I'm kidding about the chocolate bar, but we must realize that exercise and watching what we eat work hand in hand.  But wouldn't it be sweet if eating blueberries was the magic potion to get rid of our belly fat?

Berries are on the "must eat organic" list by Wellness Resources .  Cascadian Farms has a coupon for joining their community You will receive a coupon for $1 off one of their products.  I have found numerous coupons via online coupon sites that also offer $1 off.

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