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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Whole Living Daily - great blog for newbies!

I am currently a follower of Whole Living Daily.  This blog is great for organic newbies.  Whole Living Daily offers a daily challenge to introduce consumers to a greener, more natural and organic way of life.  Today's challenge involves eating low pesticide produce.  Great advice for all of us, especially children.  The following link
provides great information about prenatal exposure to certain pesticides and how those pesticides may negatively impact cognitive development in children. 

Whole Living Daily has introduced me to new ways to live a greener life and I have been actively living a more natural, green life since 2000.  I realize that you can never stop learning and educating yourself on any subject.  I assure you, Whole Living Daily will inspire, educate and entertain you with information and insight to a greener, more natural and more organic you!

I received two free issues last year and fell in love with the magazine.  My plan was to order the magazine when I received enough RecycleBank points - life happened and I didn't get around to putting in the order.  All that said, today I ordered Whole Living using my RecycleBank points.  I only used 115 points to receive a one year subscription.  I will post updates on Whole Living as I receive each issue. 

Check out Whole Living Daily at  Let me know what you think!

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