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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Benefits of Tomato Soup

I love soup, especially when I am not feeling good.  And in the winter months, nothing beats a bowl of hot soup.  Everyone knows the benefits and many old wives tales about chicken noodle soup.  Today I'd like us to try tomato soup the next time we are feeling a little under the weather and/or as an option for those great soup and salad combos.

Living Strong published an article about the benefits of tomato soup  Tomatoes have so many beneficial nutrients and lowers the risk of certain cancers.  I choose to eat tomatoes in the organic form because I also eat the skin.  Also, a great way to get a healthy dose of tomatoes is to eat sauces and soups.  Pacific Natural Foods has a great creamy tomato and roasted red pepper and tomato soup.  I recently contacted them via their website because I could not print the coupons from my laptop - Windows 7 is not compatible with most coupon activators.  Yesterday I received two $1 coupons, a recipe booklet and nutritional information flyer from Pacific Natural Foods.  There are coupons available to print from Pacific Natural Foods website if your computer system is compatible

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