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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm a French Fry Fiend!

As I venture down this road to eating right for the rest of my life, I struggle with leaving all of my unhealthy relationships behind - with food, that is.  And one relationship that has me in bondage is the one I have with French Fries.  I've tried prayer, fasting and simply avoiding anywhere that has french fries as an option on the menu!  Lo and Behold, Alexia Foods to the rescue!   And to top it off, they are offering a $1 coupon for liking them on facebook -, and another $1 coupon via email if you sign up for updates at

French fries can be enjoyed if you sprinkle a little seasoning on them and bake them instead of deep frying them.  Great substitute, but it is no way comparable to those crunchy, deep fried big brothers of the baked ones.  I'm sure my fellow french fry fiends agree!  If anyone has a great recipe for achieving that same, mouth watering crunchiness when you bake fresh cut french fries, please share!  Until I find that right recipe, Alexia foods has a great line of fries - crinkle cut, sweet potato and waffle style to name a few options.  I love them.  Email me (, tweet me (@organicssense) or go to my facebook page (organicssense) and tell me how you like Alexia.

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