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Friday, December 9, 2011

Tea time anyone?

Blissmo sent me a great deal on Numi Tea Numi Tea has organic teas that taste great.  They often have great coupons, too.  I am signing up for the newsletter ( and will definitely let you know when great offers are sent to me. 

Tea is a great addition to better health.  Numi offers a ton of flavors for a wide variety of palettes - can I say that with drinks?  Or is palate just for food?  Who knows - it sounds good!  We all know that green, black and white teas are great for our immune system and for protecting our temples from that terrible six letter word (cancer).  Numi has a few that are great to try, also.  Please let me know if you try them - or if you've tried another one so I can add to my drink menu.

The Moroccan Mint is awesome.  Mint is great for stomach aches and soothing the digestive system.  It is also a great breath freshener.  The Chamomile Lemon tastes great, too.  Chamomile is known for relaxing the body and reducing stress.  Add the lemon, and you have the benefits of cleansing your kidney by reducing the calcium build up - one of the reasons for kidney stones.  Please visit for additional benefits and to get great information about herbs and food. 

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