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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oh No! I'm past the 4-Oh!

This month I turn 41!  I have decided to truly take better care of my body.  I don't want to see myself on numerous medications that I cannot pronounce to maintain my health 10 years down the line.  Here goes:
30 minutes of workout three times a week
no fried foods unless I fry them myself (except for tortilla chips :-) )
7 hours of sleep a night

I'll log my journey each Monday.  I'm going to start doing all of these workouts I've torn out of magazines the past 5 years.  Don't want all of my hard workout from ripping out pages to go to waste - lol!!!!  I'm also going to stop eating after 8pm Sunday thru Thursday.  Friday and Saturday I often hang out and I might have a snack or drink later in the evening.  This morning I made it to 10 pushups, 5 leg lifts (to the top of my head while lying down - a GREAT pilate move!), 20 seconds of side planks (on each side).  Tonight I'll complete one of my tear-out workouts and repeat my first-thing-in-the-morning-wake-me-up workout.  Pray for me!!!!!

Tomorrow I'll post some of my favorite foods I eat to maintain my health and some great beauty tips I use to keep my youthful appearance.  As always...

God bless!

Organics Sense

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