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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Real Food Gone...

Readers digest listed 15 things that you should never buy again.
No surprise, cured meats was on there; the author agrees that this food is linked to cancer, high blood pressure and numerous additional health issues. And a shock to me was bottled teas! I drink those like water - love to sneak them into the movies (my guilty pleasure!) to avoid the sugary drinks. But I was defeating the purpose. The article states that these s0-called better alternatives to soda has more sugar than soda and a piece of pie!!!!! Another dangerous drink listed, energy drinks. The article states this concoction is linked to "heart attacks, convulsions and even death."
Do you know what cellulose is? I didn't know until this article informed me it is wood pulp! What the what!? The things our government allows in food amazes me.
And who knew preformed meat patties (turkey burgers, hamburgers) have been known to have more e.coli than the grounded version. Wow.
All this said, we have to be sooooo careful about what we put into our bodies. Those trusted "healthy" and "better option" claims aren't always true. We are in the era of convenience. We'd much rather by something prepared and pop it in the microwave or grab some fast food. It is no secret that this way of nourishing our bodies is detrimental to our health and development. If the thought of preparing meals makes you stress about the time that it will take, include family time and prepare a meal together. Get your friends together, have some drinks, chat and divide your bulk items into single servings for the rest of the week so you can grab and go. Two ways to get that family and friend time that has been thrown to the wayside in our effort to work ourselves ragged. Face time and hearing loved ones voices are soothing in comparison to the electronic substitution that we have all fell victim to.
For one week, try this exercise:
Substitute microwave/fast foods with real nutrition. Spend time preparing real food with friends and family; enjoy the face time instead of the impersonal text/email. Trust me, your body and soul will thank you!!!!!!!!

Here's a list of seasonal veggies and fruits for January to help with the grocery list. Usually items in season are more affordable and more nutritious. If what you love and have a taste for is not in season, try the frozen version - items are frozen immediately and maintain most of its nutritious value.
Asparagus Celery Lemons Tangelos
Avocado Chard Mushroom Tangerines
Beets Cherimoyas Mustard  
Blood Orange Dates, Mdgool Navel Oranges  
Broccoli Kumquats Onion, Green  
Cabbage Grapefruit Passion Fruit  
Carambola Kale Peas, Green  
Cauliflower Kohlrabi Strawberries  

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