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Monday, June 24, 2013

Oatmeal Is Not Just For Eating!

I found a great article about oatmeal on iVillage today.  There were numerous uses that oatmeal has other than eating.  I am very interested in healing my skin and health issues with the things God placed here on Earth.  I believe that if our body can be healed with natural products, then it is more beneficial than synthetic materials and chemicals. 

Please read the article in the link below and let me know if you try any of the remedies.  I am going to try all of them.  I must let you know, natural remedies don't work as fast as the "quick" fixes you can buy.  With my experience, natural remedies heal the problem and do not build a dependency as most "quick" fixes have done for myself.  I remember being a slave to acne washes for my skin issues.  When I would attempt to wean myself from the chemicals, my acne would return with a vengeance!  I did not heal my acne until I focused on a full body cleanse, colonic and clean eating regimen.|06-24-2013|&_mid=1322334&_rid=1322334.55000.160507

iVillage is a great site!  The education that I have received from this site is priceless.  All of this great information for free!  Please support and sign up for the newsletters that they send out.

God bless!

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