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Monday, October 1, 2012

Let's start with the letter A...

This month, I'm going to read up on one food a day.  You always hear of what the best foods are that you should eat, but you rarely hear about WHY that food is so good for you.  All that said, I am going to take on the task of going through the alphabet of foods.  Example - A is for Apple.

I love  They have great articles about living a healthy lifestyle.  And the information provided is easy to understand and incorporate into my everyday life.  Today I read "Dr. Oz's 99 Healthiest Foods -- How Many Are In Your Shopping Cart?"  And wouldn't you know, the first food was an Apple!

Who knew Apples were a heart healthy food and can help maintain a healthy body weight?!  Not to mention, Apples are a great food to eat plain.  I am a "dipper" (I love dips and condiments!) and love to match Apples up with peanut butter.  Remember, Apples are on the Eating Well's Dirty Dozen list as #1 for foods you should buy organic.  Find out why:
There are soooooooo many varieties.  My favorite are the Cameo Apples dipped in peanut butter.  It's something about that that sweet and salty blend that makes my taste buds scream!!!  Apples are an October seasonal food - - so they are plentiful and ripe!

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Great Applesauce recipe from

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