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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Spicy Asparagus Pasta

I make most of my recipes for one person - me!  Haven't gotten everyone on board with the "healthy at all times" eating schedule - LOL!  Just wanted to let everyone know so that you know to double, triple or make it as large as you want if you are cooking for additional people.  I also buy my dried spices from organic bulk bins.  I don't use enough to buy it prepackaged. Also, I save $$$$$$!  I also use pecorino to add after it is finished.  It tastes delicious!  Toss with olive oil ONLY ON LOW HEAT!  Olive oil loses nutrient content when heated to high - at least that's what I read.

There is a picture on my Instagram account.  I am still waiting for me Geek Squad employee in shining armor to aid me in overcoming my technological ignorance!


12 spears Asparagus (Aldi's frozen asparagus)
1 serving Organic Brown Rice Pasta (Trader Joes $1.99)
Slice of onion chopped
Garlic clove chopped
8 black pitted kalamato olives (Costco bulk - I use these A LOT!)
red pepper flakes to taste/spiciness (organic bulk bin)
2 tblspn grape seed oil (Trader Joes $3.99)
2 tblspn dried basil (organic bulk bin)
pinch of cayenne pepper (organic bulk bin)
2 tblspn balsamic vinegar (Costco has GREAT deal)
1 tbslpn olive oil (more if you like it slightly oily to add pecorino to - like I do!)
Pecorino parmesan is optional to add after meal is complete.

Boil water.
Add pasta.
Boil until desired tenderness - I like my pasta al dente.

Add onion, garlic and red pepper to grape seed oil in wok.
Once onion is clear, add frozen asparagus spears chopped - I crack them into smaller pieces.  My fingers are FREEZING  afterward - lol!!!!
Saute for one minute, then add balsamic vinegar.
Saute on high for thirty seconds.
Lower heat to low.
Add pasta, olives, basil, cayenne pepper and olive oil.
Toss well.


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